About Us

Penna Spada, Italian for Pen Sword. Yes truly the pen is mightier than the sword, though for the sake of having a memorable snappy web domain, it’s been shortened, sounds good in Italian though, right?  This is a place where we review those attempts in earnest to exemplify the strength of the quill over the blade only to have ended up as a horribly stunted pen sword.

Have you ever had a friend send you prose/poetry of a magnitude so bad that it took you literally HOURS to adequately sugarcoat the response? Is that piece of literature still available to you? Do you believe that the world needs to read it, to endure the squinting and raised eyebrows you did while first reading it, send it to us!! No piece of literature is too bad, awful or unintentionally homoerotic for us to publish.

For the mean time pieces will be published on an as received basis, so get yours in while you can and be guaranteed to have it on the site!!!

Please send all submissions to pennaspada@gmail.com.


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